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Culture of SMU

Shanghai Maritime University,The Center for Chinese Studies

        The Center for Chinese studies (CCS) is affiliated to International Education Institute of Shanghai Maritime University. Since 1996, we have offered training and education to thousands of students of all types. Significant teaching results had been achieved by pursuing the small-class teaching system. We trained civil servants from Burma. It took the 19 beginners less than 10 months to achieve a passing rate of 83% in HSK-6, with 2 of them passing HSK-8.The reputation of the Center prevails in Shanghai and even all over the country for its high-quality education.

        While ensuring pedagogical quality, the center organizes activities aimed to develop students’ practical application of the language. Such activities include tours, International Cultural Festival, Dragon Boat rowing, Chinese writing contest, Chinese corner, all of which provide overseas students with opportunities to practice their Chinese and absorb Chinese culture.

        The Center boasts its qualified and experienced teachers for Chinese studies. We now offer a complete list of courses, which include Long-Term Comprehensive Course, Long-Term Practical Course, Short-Term Practical Course and Short-Term Comprehensive Course.

        RUAN wei, dean of IEC, along with the whole teaching staff sincerely welcomes you to study in Shanghai Maritime University.