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Teaching Idea

The principal of small class

The Center for Chinese Studies pursues the small-class teaching principal with less than 20 students in each class.

The small-class teaching principal aims to reduce the negative impact by Individual differences, to focus on interaction between students and teachers and to provide students with more opportunities for oral practice. All these can result in great progress in their Chinese learning.


Happy learning, practical Chinese

The Center for Chinese Studies insists the happy teaching method, which provides a joyful teaching environment for students. We emphasize practical and useful Chinese on a solid basis for improving Chinese in speaking, listening, reading and writing systematically. We teach Chinese with a priority to meet requirements for daily life and social interaction.


Immersion teaching

Try to use "immersion Chinese language teaching" pattern. That means the teacher speak Chinese as much as possible after the students understand the classroom expressions used by the teacher. At the same time, try to create a Chinese language environment on campus, and encourage them to communicate with teachers in class or after class, so as to help students set up Chinese language thinking as soon as possible, and acquire Chinese better and faster.

In addition, the Center organizes short-term trips, cultural festival, and offers elective courses such as Chinese Culture, Martial Arts, Calligraphy to lead students to approach the Chinese culture.