Specification, Unity & Efficiency —— Lecture of Experience on Education and Management of Overseas Students in Donghua University


On Dec. 29th, we invited Luzhou, the Assistant to the Director of International Cultural Exchange College, to introduce the Experience on education and management of overseas students and give us guidance on the work of overseas student management. Based on the lecture topic of “Introduction of Language Program and management of education and administration”, he introduced the experience of Donghua University on administrative and educational management of overseas students, and the foundation of team of teachers systematically. All the staff of our college listened to the lectures carefully and asked questions actively.

Mr. Lu started from the language problem with details about various class arrangement, flexible class time and contents etc. He also introduced the regulations of their inner management in Donghua University. From his introduction, the clear and complete system, fair rewards and punishment rules, and efficient team left a deep impression to the participants.

In exchange and communication section, teaching staff in International Education College proposed questions from their own positions and duties and acquired pertinent experience and instructions. Thus, the lecture is lengthened from 90 minutes to 110 minutes. The teaching staff said this lecture played an exemplary role in improving their own working efficiency.

ICES’s management team of overseas students and its system are well-known in Shanghai and all over the country for its standard management, unity and effectiveness. It is the management team and its system that make them leap to fifth place in Shanghai and eleventh in China during more than a decade. From Donghua’s successful experience, we recognize our own disadvantages. At the same time, we can orient our aim and direction for further business. After the lecture, Shi Chaojian, the Director of International Education College requested that the teaching staff make clear the difference, make sure the direction and make improvements to achieve new breakthrough in 2015.