Notice for One-day Trip (Spring 2016)


Date: Apr.20, 2016       Add: Wen Dao Garden (No.2888, Panjing Rd.)

Wen Dao Garden, located at Luodian Town, Baoshan District, is well known for the rehabilitated ancient Huizhou architecture. In the park there are the Museum of Grotesque Stones, the Museum of Ancient Stone Carving, the Studio of Masters’ Calligraphy and Painting, Changfeng Academy, Yihe Lotus Pond, Zen Tea and Eaglewood lounge.

Wen Dao Garden is a great place for leisure and to learn traditional Chinese culture. Let’s join in the One-day Trip to this beautiful place!


Present overseas students studying in SMU: Deposit RMB 100 (will be refunded after the activity)
Children 5 years old & above: RMB200 (covering admission ticket, casual food and transportation fees)
Adults: RMB 200 (covering admission ticket, casual food and transportation fees)


8:45        Assemble (no waiting for late comers)
10:30       Arrival at destination
10:30-13:30  Sightseeing
13:30       Group photo & Return
15:00       Arrival at Dongming Campus


1. Please register before Apr. 15th in office 329, so that we can book admission tickets, bus and food in advance. If you miss the activity on your own account, the deposit will not be refunded.
2. No lunch together on that day, but we prepare bread, water and fruit for you. You can also prepare your own food and snack if necessary.
3. No classes on that day and no make-up class.