The 8th International Day on May 18th, 2016


The annual event involves all the international students and domestic students of SMU as well. It is a special time for us all to come together to share a little of our own cultural backgrounds with other members of the community, as well as an opportunity for us all to learn lots of exciting and interesting things about the world. All activities organized for this day center on one main topic –“Drinks”, and carry on the consistent theme – “The Window of the World, the Bridge of the Friendship”.

The 8th International Day celebration of SMU will be held on Wednesday May 18th, 2016 at the Library Square on the New Campus of SMU. The square will be again converted to a “Mini World Expo”. On that day, we will enjoy:

1. Booths set up representing different countries.

9:30~10:00         Set-up time

10:00~11:00       Visit time for International Students

11:00~11:45       Visit time for all International and domestic students

Centering on the topic “Drinks”, each booth can represent a diversity of displays and activities such as tea and drink tasting, playing traditional games, arts and crafts, sports activities and many more. Also, you can show us beautiful objects, posters and postcards etc. for the students to appreciate.

Each booth will receive 500 RMB as subsidy from the College to support the exhibition. The International Education College will select and appraise three booths to grant awards for “The Most Popular Booth”, “The Best Decorated Booth”, and “The Most Sufficiently Prepared Booth” respectively. Winners shall be rewarded in cash accordingly.


※If you plan to serve food, please make sure that the food is fresh and hygienic. It is suggested to display the ingredients, for allergies or religious reasons.If alcohol is offered, please make sure the alcohol strengh below 15%.

※Students from the same country can apply to set up 2 booths at most. You can set up a booth together with students from other countries if few students are from your country.

2. Performance shows 11:40-14:00

Performances (such as singing, dancing, musical instrument playing or national costume displaying) in any form or language will be warmly welcomed; each class will also be encouraged to give a performance show (with Chinese features preferably). If you need any assistance, please feel free to contact your class teacher.

Let's look forward to a splendid day!