2013 Christmas & New Year’s Party




Dear all, as the end of this year is around the clock, we are going to hold the 2013 SMU International Students’ Christmas and New Year’s Party from 9:00 a.m. to 12:30 p.m on December 13 (Friday) in Shang Hai Pai Restaurant ( No. 886, Yunshan Road, Pudong District, close to Subway Line 6 Yunshan Road Station, not far from the school).

You are more than welcome to join all the other SMU International students and all your teachers to celebrate this most important moment of the year. Delicious Shanghai local food, songs, dances, performances, joyful laughter, etc. all the wonderful things are right there waiting for you to enjoy. And It’s FREE as always!

We will prepare one table specially for vegetarians, which can hold 10 to 11 people.

Please go to the restaurant on that day by yourself. No class will be given then. Thanks~!

We want to see you then!


Shanghai Maritime University

The Center for Chinese Studies