One-day Trip to Guyi Garden


Date: May 28th 2014              Destination: Guyi Garden (No.218 Huyi Hwy)

It is an ancient garden built during 1522~1566 of Ming Dynasty


FeaturesArchitecture, Green Bamboo, Tranquil Streams, Paths, Couplet Scrolls @ Poems

Specialties: Xiaolongbao (Steamed dumpling with juicy meat fillings)

Range of Driving: About 1 hour



Overseas students studying in SMU: Deposit RMB 100 (be refunded later)

Children 5years old & above: RMB150 (covering ticket & transportation fees, no refund

Adults: RMB 200 (covering ticket & transportation fees, no refund



9:00 Depart from Dongming Campus (no waiting after the set time)

10:00 Reach destination

10:00-12:30 Garden tour

12:30-13:00 Lunch & Break

13:00 Group photo & return

14:00 Reach Dongming Campus



  1. Please register before May 20th in office 329, so that we book bus and food. If you are late, no refund for your deposit.
  2. No lunch together on that day because there is no proper restaurant, but we prepare a read, one bottle of water and one fruit for per person. And of course you can take something you like to eat with you or have a try of the snacks (Nanxiang Xiaolongbao etc.) near the garden.


The Center for Chinese Studies