Notice about “Chinese Classic Recitation Contest of Overseas Students 2014”


Dear students,

In order to enrich your cultural life, to promote your comprehensive ability of Chinese language and to experience the Chinese classic culture, International Education College will hold “Chinese Classic Recitation Contest of Overseas Students 2014”in Jun 2014.The detailed information about the contest is as follows:

1. Competition Form: Recite Chinese classical poems or articles by one single student or a group (no less than 5 people). Performances such as dance, chant and calligraphy writing can be added in group recitation for better artistic effects.

2. Contents of the Contest: Chinese classical poems or articles, which can be found on topic-related page of www.shyywz.com and www.yiban.cn/. Please ask teachers for help if any question.

3. Scoring Criteria:

Practiced Recitation                    30%

Standard of Mandarin                    40%

Recitation Skill and Effect            30%

4. Awards:

The student or group who get the First Prize will be elected, on behalf of Shanghai Maritime University, to participate in “Shanghai Classic Recitation Contest of Students and Teachers 2014”. The college will offer cash award to those who win the prize in municipal contest.

5. Application: Students, who are interested in the contest, please register in Office 329 (or Library B807 in the new campus) no later than May 30th.

6. Time and place of the contest:

          12:30-14:00, Jun. 6th 2014(Dongming Road Campus).

          13:00-14:30, Jun. 11th 2014(Lingang Campus).

Would you like to test your practical capacity of Chinese language? Do you want to have a competition with other overseas students? Will you impress us with your wonderful presence? Don’t hesitate to join the contestWarmly welcome you!



International Educational College,

Shanghai Maritime University

May 8th, 2014