2014 Christmas & New Year Party


On 12th of December 2014, the “2014 Christmas & New Year Party” was held by International Education College. Almost 180 participants including degree students, Chinese language students and staff of SMU joined the annually grand activity. The Director of the International Office attended this event.


Shi Chaojian, Dean of International Education College, gave an opening speech in which firstly, he conveyed the vice president of SMU Jin Yongxing’s Christmas greetings to everybody, and expressed his gratefulness to all staff and international students. He said that it is pleased to gain the progress and achievements in the year that is ending, and he felt glad to see the overseas students can enjoy the new culture and new life in SMU. He expressed his expectations that in the joint efforts of everyone the international education of SMU would go up to a higher level. In the end he wished the party a complete success.


The party was co-hosted by oversea students who come from Pakistan, Ukraine, Ghana and Kazakhstan in fluent Chinese. They dressed in Chinese traditional clothes and their funny and interesting hosting style made the party very lively. Wonderful shows were prepared by overseas students and all their performances won warm applause from all people being present. The overseas students in The Center for Chinese Studies presented an opening show with Where are you from to light the atmosphere. The song Love by African boys and girls was warm and sweet. The stage plays Chinese Zodiac and comedy directed and acted by them, and Chinese Tai Chi performance all won a round of applause.


At last, the degree students from different countries dressing in national costumes brought us a wonderful fashion show, in which the cross-dressing performances push the scene atmosphere to a climax. Luck Draw during the performances gave surprise to all of us.


2014 Christmas & New Year Party ended in a cheerful and lively atmosphere.




Chinese Zodiac, stage play by undergraduates


Rudolf the Red Nose Reindeer, instrumental ensemble by L5 class


Christmas Wishing Tree